Maine-based bourbon enthusiast who has been enjoying America’s native spirit for well over a decade. The complex flavors and rich history of American whiskey are a driving force in seeking new bottles and great experiences.


I found myself, like many bourbon enthusiasts do, interested in bourbon through a growing interest in the flavors, brands, and history surrounding America’s native spirit.  As a big fan of great times, great friends, and great food, it was only natural to expand on the enjoyment of bourbon and learn more.  Why does bourbon taste the way it does?  How does bourbon lend itself so well to cooking?  Why can only certain bottles be found easily?  It was this last question that lead me down the rabbit hole…


Finding bottles in one area, sharing with someone, and making connections that last a lifetime is the genetic makeup of the camaraderie found in bourbon geek culture.  That culture is what inspired me to start tracking down, and sharing great bottles with friends.  For example: a good friend of mine, Sam, who has written for this website on occasion, will trade bottles or samples with me when we find things the other is interested in.

We have helped each other (and our friends) track down bottles they have been looking for, and decided we should expand on that idea across the web by sharing our experiences with you.  These days the focus is mostly on doing blind tastings, whiskey reviews, products reviews, and tracking down bottles across the nation in the interest of generating great new whiskey content to share with our friends and readers.



Sharing the good old days of whiskey with families, friends, and readers is important.  In the pursuit of this, I will receive media samples of products and/or spirits for the purpose of reviewing.  Sharing good information is as important as sharing good whiskey; therefore, The Bourbon Finder Ethos is to strive toward  creating entertaining–yet objective–reviews and to provide original commentary for spirits and/or products we receive. We make no promises to brands or suppliers other than we will provide quality photographs and an honest review of items we receive. While we’re not here to bash products or spread cynicism, we understand that a poor review of a product can be as valuable as a positive review, and we will always do our best to share opinions with our audience in both an open and fair manner.  Affiliate links are utilized to create revenue to support this website and/or to provide discounts to the audience; however, receiving payment for positive reviews/feedback is not.


Living in a control State is a double-edged sword for a bourbon geek. Insulation from secondary-market pricing is great, but selections can be narrow, and allocated items are a totally different ballgame. We work behind the scenes to find out where the bottles are, and how to get them. We’re constantly scouring our sources, and building relationships to keep bringing you great whiskey content.  This is a long way of saying we are always seeking new whiskey to share with our readers.


With the massive boom going on in the bourbon world today, it’s a hobby of ours to check out reviews from many sources before buying new bottles. Finding reviewers who have taste similar to yours can really elevate your buying (and sipping) experience. We want to provide that for our readers–so please–leave us comments, join us in Discord, or catch up with us on social media to share thoughts and opinions on whiskey you’ve tracked down.


There are enough whiskey critics, cynics, and curmudgeons out there to clog your news feed for the next calendar year. While there are (obviously) bottles we enjoy more than others, we would rather focus on the positive side of bourbon and spend time creating content as well as finding new ways to have fun with this hobby.  We hope our articles like the “Food Fight!”, or “Whiskey King of the Hill” and yearly “Bourbon Battle Royale” series will have you smiling while you pour, sip, and repeat.


We want to help spread the word about whiskey. Are you a retailer, brand, creator, or other media outlet that wants to do the same? Let’s work together.


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