What better way to add some fun to a vacation, weekend away, or gathering with some friends than bringing your favorite spirit (bourbon…right?) along for the ride. But it’s not always convenient to lug a bottle along for the ride–especially if you’re unlucky enough to break a cork or a bottle. Enter the Aged & Ore travel decanter.


John H.


Product Review


January 16th, 2020

The Aged & Ore travel decanter snuggles a 500ml hand blown glass decanter inside a pair of double walled stainless steel tumblers that interlock nicely by threading them together. The tumblers have 2oz. indicators to make pouring or mixing cocktails a breeze. No additional glassware needed, which can be pretty handy for toting this rig along on your adventures.

So we’ve told you about the decanter and it’s features. Let’s dig in and talk about our experience with this product.

First thing’s first–the packaging of this product is outstanding. It’s very obvious that Aged & Ore spent a lot of time designing their packaging to precisely fit their product. Unboxing the travel decanter was actually a pretty fun, albeit slow experience due to how well everything was packaged.

In the interest of transparency it should be noted that this decanter was a Christmas gift from a family member.  After this review I was taken on as an affiliate with Aged & Ore, and your purchase through my links provides support to this site.

John, The Bourbon Finder

Seeing as how this was a Christmas gift, it only made sense to take it around for the holidays as we visited family. I gave the decanter a wash to be certain there weren’t any flavors or aromas added to the bourbon–not that it came from the packaging smelling offensive–this was just a precaution. Once cleaned up I drained the remainder of a delicious Weller Antique store pick into the decanter and fitted the metal stopper into place.

Quite frankly the stopper made me uneasy. While it provides an adequate seal and the rubberized section fits perfectly into the bottle, it releases fairly easily when pulled. While it doesn’t appear to leak with shaking, it was obviously an oversight (on my part) to go straight in with the whiskey before testing this with water. Perhaps we’ll revisit a little more extreme testing of the product in the future. This has traveled with us on a few occasions so far and has yet to leak, but it’s being treated with caution until more testing has been done.

Enjoy your favorite spirits, cocktails, or wine wherever your travels take you. The Aged & Ore travel decanter set features a spill proof 500ml hand-blown glass decanter that sits inside a set of double wall insulated stainless steel tumblers to avoid leaks, spills, scratches or broken glass.

– Aged & Ore

Busting this out at gatherings has been a conversation starter. The sleek design when it’s closed up has folks asking “what’s that?” and when opened and left out for everyone to observe, we’ve heard comments about how fancy it must be and people are very interested in what whiskey warranted such travel accommodations. Clearly the design is attractive!

We always look for overall design, functionality, and quality built into products. The whole experience is elevated when we can completely enjoy a product–but something else that separates products is how well the company stands behind them. Aged & Ore offers a thirty day refund or exchange policy on their products, and they’ll even provide the shipping label to send the item/s back. That type of confidence in their product is exactly what we like to see.


While the decanter’s stopper leaves us slightly concerned for what the future will hold in terms of keeping everything inside the decanter itself (not that we have had any issues). The overall design and functionality is great–and the return policy provides more than enough reason to try this (or Aged & Ore’s other products) out. We give this one a thumb’s up for sure.

++ Update:  after many months of use (and various trips) I have put to rest any reservations I had about the travel decanter’s stopper.  From a weekend away with family, to fishing trips and canoe expeditions, the travel decanter has held it’s own.

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