Russell’s Reserve® Introduces Annual “Single Rickhouse Collection” with Inaugural Release from Legendary Retired Rickhouse, Camp Nelson C

Fresh off the press is an official announcement from Campari regarding a new limited edition in the Russell’s Reserve lineup.  Kind of a neat spin on the craze surrounding Russell’s Reserve single barrel selections, they’ve labeled this release the Single Rickhouse Collection.  The first release in this new line will be highlighting Camp Nelson Warehouse C.  Read on for the full press release.


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Press Release


August 30th, 2022

Russell’s Reserve® Introduces Annual “Single Rickhouse Collection” with Inaugural Release from Legendary Retired Rickhouse, Camp Nelson C

Crafted exclusively from barrels aged in a single, designated rickhouse, each small batch offering explores the impact of the aging environment, available for a limited time in select markets

LAWRENCEBURG, KY (August 30, 2022) – Straight out of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, award-winning and family-crafted Russell’s Reserve announces the debut of an all-new, annual limited-edition collection: Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse. Serving as a distinct expression of the location (or “rickhouse”) where the liquid is aged and the “terroir” of that aging environment, each Single Rickhouse bottling will feature rare liquid from a different, individual rickhouse – past and present – at the Wild Turkey Distillery. The series explores the often unsung contributions specific resting places have on a whiskey’s final character, celebrating varied nuances of whiskey aging across these different environments. In light of the recent floods in Eastern Kentucky and the heart of Bourbon Country, the Russell family gladly donated the first bottles of this special liquid to The Kentucky Bourbon Benefit: Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund this August as a way to support those impacted.

The inaugural release, Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse Camp Nelson C, features liquid from only 72 barrels from the now dismantled, seven-story rickhouse, Camp Nelson C. Built in 1946 and decommissioned in 2021, Camp Nelson C became a treasured rickhouse of Wild Turkey Distilling Co. Situated on top of a hill and next to the Kentucky River, the warehouse was made from timber and clad with tin to naturally control internal temperatures, with space for air to circulate and allow the barrels to breathe during the aging process. Russell’s Reserve Master Distiller Eddie Russell selected the barrels for this special release from the center-cut, also considered the sweet spot, on floors three and four of the warehouse.

The Single Rickhouse from Camp Nelson C serves as a testament to the Russell Family’s mastery of craft bourbon and appreciation of the distinctive liquid nuances that each Single Rickhouse brings. As Eddie began tasting through barrels selected for consideration for this release, he knew immediately once he’d tasted from the Camp Nelson C center-cut barrels that he’d found a special batch. A unanimous decision by all who tasted it, including Master Distiller Jimmy Russell and Eddie’s son, Bruce Russell, the final flavor profile of Single Rickhouse Camp Nelson C is an unexpectedly rich and unique take for the brand.

“Tasting through our barrel stock as our whiskies age and determining which are right for each release is one of my favorite parts of the job,” said Eddie Russell, Master Distiller at the Wild Turkey distillery. “When I tasted this liquid from Camp Nelson C, I knew it deserved its own place in Russell’s history. It’s a little different from what folks have come to expect from our whiskies, and even though we all personally enjoy different flavor profiles, Dad, myself and my son, Bruce all agreed instantly – this is a once in a blue moon kind of whiskey and deserving of being the first release in this special series. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do.”

Aged for over 10 years, this limited release of non-chill filtered bourbon was bottled at 112.4 barrel proof and is nothing short of decadent, with thick, rich introductory notes of toffee, coconut and vanilla, and a long, silky finish. Eddie Russell, with over four decades of experience under his belt, has described this whiskey as a “five-star liquid,” which boasts the following characteristics:

  • Proof: 112.4
  • Aroma: Sweet vanilla, caramel and cream that transition to fresh and dried fruit and then notes of brown sugar, oak and char.
  • Taste: Thick, rich and sweet introduction with notes of toffee, coconut and vanilla that transition to notes of apple, dried fruit, toasted pecan, chocolate and baking spices.
  • Finish: Long finish with silky and sweet mouthcoating that transitions to a pleasant balance of oak, baking spices and rich sweetness

The Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse Collection is the newest innovation to join the brand’s lineup, which includes an award-winning portfolio of bourbon and rye whiskeys meant to sip and savor. Officially available on shelves in early October and just in time for the holidays, the 2022 Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse Camp Nelson C will be available for a limited time at select U.S. retailers and at the Wild Turkey Distillery for a suggested retail price of $249.99 per 750 ML bottle. To sign up for brand and product availability alerts for future releases, please visit

Final thoughts…

Hopefully you enjoyed our brief video from Weekly Whiskey on YouTube.  There will be a review coming to the channel soon, I’ll be sure to write it up here as well.  In terms of this release, I think there will be a good amount of sabre-rattling over the price Campari has chosen for this release.  Don’t get me wrong, a premium product should priced above other offerings, but this [non age-stated] product being more than twice the SRP of Russell’s Reserve 13 doesn’t quite sit right with me.

Hear me out: I understand that the historic Camp Nelson Warehouse C is not going to age any more whiskey for Wild Turkey Distillery; however, future releases in this product line (assuming they continue releasing Single Rickhouse bottlings) are going to have a difficult time bringing something special enough to the table to continually glean value from such high pricing.

Then again, with only 72 barrels comprising this batch of bourbon, I don’t suppose the decision to buy it at such a high price won’t be one many folks need to make.  Stay tuned for more on this product, and for a full review coming soon.

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