Blanton’s Single Barrel via Damon’s Beverage

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon is many things.  It is touted as the original single barrel bourbon, it is allocated, it is highly-sought after, and it is hated as much as it is liked…perhaps even more.  Another thing Blanton’s has been lately: inconsistent.  I say this a fan of the product.  I think it’s good, and sometimes really good.  I have enjoyed this bourbon for years, and it’s very evident that there is so much hype around this one that supply will likely never catch up to demand.  I noticed 2019 bottlings had a noticeable variance in the profile; however, I will say that the past six to ten months of releases have all been in line with my expectations.


Blanton’s Original


Non Age-Stated


46.5% ABV




Damon’s Beverage


The standard shelfie version of Blanton’s Original is one that usually carries a light caramel, some green apple, and a touch of sour cherry for me.  The occasional hint of cotton candy will pop up in some barrels, and I like that.  It’s sort of the metric by which I measure Blanton’s.  This particular barrel from Damon’s Beverage is noticeably leaning into a darker profile.  There’s green apple but the caramel is darker and heavier, and backed up by more oak structure than I expected.  Carried with a touch of spice to the finish.  This is a solid pick that steers slightly out of the Blanton’s lane, but doesn’t fully depart.  All in all it’s nice and serves as a fun way to sip something a bit different that is still familiar.

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