Buffalo Trace via Maine Spirits

Maine Spirits is the liquor control agency for the State of Maine.  In the interest of bringing more single barrel products to Maine’s liquor retailers (especially those who may not have the capacity to purchase an entire barrel of their own) the State has begun selecting barrels to offer retailers.  This selection was done in 2019.


Buffalo Trace Bourbon


Non Age-Stated


45%ABV, 90 Proof


Bottle Count N/A


Maine Spirits


Comparing this to a shelfie Buffalo Trace will quickly set it apart.  The richer caramel and a touch of additional oak certainly ramp up the interest in an otherwise fairly middle of the road offering.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Buffalo Trace, but it tends to be on the lighter and sweeter side without bringing the darker layers or oak into the picture enough to round it out–this selection does an adequate job of balancing the features out and I’d say it’s a step ahead of the standard Buffalo Trace offering.

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