Buffalo Trace via Mason’s Brewing Co.

Buffalo Trace single barrels represent a unique space in the current bourbon world.  While normally Buffalo Trace is a batched product, the brand offers single barrels to be selected from their stock.  Today we’re looking at one such private selection done by Mason’s Brewing Co. in Brewer, Maine.


Buffalo Trace


Non Age-Stated


45% ABV




Mason’s Brewing


For the princely sum of $26.99 you could grab either the standard offering of Buffalo Trace Bourbon, or this single barrel as selected by Mason’s Brewing.  In all honesty I’m not sure this single barrel selection is much of a departure from the average bottle you’ll find on the shelf.  It drinks with a touch more spice, and is drier than the shelfie, which could lend itself nicely to an Old Fashioned.  No one in their right mind would complain about the price here–but I think you’d do just as well grabbing the standard Buffalo Trace.

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