Eagle Rare via Damon’s Beverage

For this Single Barrel Snapshot I’m checking out a store pick from Damon’s Beverage in Maine. Damon’s has been selecting a lot of barrels over the past year, and it sounds as though there are more on the way. Stay tuned for a Single Barrel Snapshot featuring from Damon’s featuring Weller Full Proof. For now, let’s dig into this Eagle Rare.


Eagle Rare


10 Years


45% ABV


Bottle Count N/A


Damon’s Beverage (Maine)


Right off the bat there’s a giant amount of vanilla on the nose. More than I’ve noticed on Eagle Rare in the past. The nose alone is really quite impressive, here. My biggest complaint with Eagle Rare is the proof-point being a little low for my taste; and, while is likely a large contributor to it’s great price, I still find myself feeling like it would really shine with a bump in ABV. All of that said–this selection presents what may very well be the best smelling Eagle Rare I’ve had. The rich vanilla and slightly buttery oak mixes with a noticeable amount of fruit that really leans toward the profile of Buffalo Trace Mashbill #2 (rather than the Mashbill #1 that Eagle Rare is created from). The palate is actually pretty exciting too. All in all this selection is quite impressive. Cheers!

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