Knob Creek Single Barrel via Toddy’s

Knob Creek’s Single Barrel has seen a handful of label variations through the years.  Today’s Single Barrel Snapshot is from a now bygone era of Knob Creek Single Barrel selections that aged into their middle teenage years, and did not sport an age-statement on the label.  Whereas new Knob Creek Single Barrel will be clearly age-stated as a nine year old product (meaning the bourbon inside is 9 years or older) this old gem isn’t age-stated at all, but bears the information to let us know it’s nearly fifteen and a half years old.


Knob Creek


15 Years 5 Months


60% ABV






The age certainly shows on this selection.  I’d be extremely curious to know what the other barrels were like during the selection process for Toddy’s because this one tastes like it may have aged just a touch beyond it’s prime.  I say that, but this is still good bourbon.  This drinks well below it’s proof and carries a rich profile with heavy caramel and brown sugar, it just also drinks a little drier and folks sensitive to tannin flavors will likely see this one as too old and oaky.

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