Single Barrel Snapshot

Today’s Single Barrel Snapshot comes from a different category than normal: rum!  As many bourbon drinkers do, I enjoy straying from the beaten path to enjoy other spirits.  One of my favorite categories is aged rum.  This is largely due to the fact that there are a lot of parallels with bourbon.  The flavors can hit a lot of similar places on the flavor wheel, and there are more and more single barrel offerings becoming available.  Today’s selection is a single barrel you can find over at if you’re interested (it’s still available as of this post).


Rolling Fork Rum


16 Year







The thing that first catches my attention with nearly all of the Four Square distilled rum is the mouthfeel.  It’s heavy, creamy, and decadent.  There are a lot of butterscotch candy and caramel notes that should resonate with most bourbon drinkers as well.  If you’ve dabbled in any of the American whiskey or light whiskey offerings rolling out of MGP (or NDP’s utilizing MGP liquid) there are some real correlations in terms of both flavor and texture with the Rolling Fork selections.  As you swirl and sip you’ll uncover fruit and spices that really move back and forth between the bourbon an rum worlds.  I was totally floored on the 12 year selection Blake rolled out a few years back.  I tried the 13 year selection from the previous summer (and honestly thought the 12 year was a better performer) but this 16 year really hits the mark for me.  There’s even a 17 year available if you’re looking to step it up another notch.  At roughly ten bucks per year on these selections, I know where my rum budget is going.  Thanks for following along!

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