Russell’s Reserve “Second Helping” via Columbia Bourbon Collective

Coming from the 6th floor of Wild Turkey’s Camp Nelson Warehouse F, the “Second Helping” as selected by the Columbia Bourbon Collective is a selection from 2019.  The group selected one barrel in that calendar year, and when a “second helping” was offered for them to select another–they jumped at the opportunity.


Russell’s Reserve
“Second Helping” barrel #19-0450



9 Years 11 Months


55% ABV




Columbia Bourbon Collective


The 55% ABV and non chill-filtered nature of Russell’s Reserve usually speaks to how the small things can make a big difference.  Going a step further, selecting a barrel that will be offered as an enthusiast-focused product like this offers the ability to pick things that truly stand out.  The shelfie Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel product is a good one, albeit it slightly hit-or-miss in terms of flavor profile.  Wild Turkey’s warehouses impart distinctly different flavors on the bourbon as it ages.  This particular bottle pops with some great fruit notes backed up by something reminiscent of cola and brings in a vanilla and spice layer to round it out.  A good selection by any standard.  I will keep an eye on Columbia Bourbon Collective’s selections in the future!

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