Weller Antique via Damon’s Beverage

This is a single barrel selection of wheated bourbon that was distilled at Buffalo Trace Distillery.  The Weller lineup consists of a number of different products, only three of which happen to be available in Maine.  At the time of this barrel being selected (2019) there were only two Weller products available.  Thankfully, Maine Spirits has expanded the offering of bourbon available to folks in the 207 area code.  Let’s dig in with this Weller Antique selection.


Weller Antique


8 Years 6 Months


53.5% ABV




Damon’s Beverage


There are some store picks that are so far off profile I am left to wonder what the selection team was going for…is it really valuable to have something taste nothing like the original product? I doubt it. Thankfully that isn’t the case here. The folks at Damon’s Beverage selected a very on-profile Weller Antique here that brings a bit more of a rich cherry vanilla profile to the front of the palate, and hangs on a bit longer with baking spice on the back. All in all this very slightly outperforms the standard Weller Antique and was a great pour to get my hands on.

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