Single Barrel Snapshot

This particular product is newer to Maine’s bourbon market.  Single barrel selections here had traditionally been offered as Weller Antique selections but that–like so many other things in our lives–changed in 2020.  Maine’s single barrel selections now are being bottled under the Weller Full Proof label.  Today’s Single Barrel Snapshot comes from Damon’s Beverage here in Maine.  Let’s dive in!


Weller Full Proof


Not-Age Stated




Bottle Count N/A


Damon’s Beverage


Having recently posted a Single Barrel Snapshot of a Weller Full Proof chosen by a different retailer here in Maine, I was excited to compare the two. No need for a long drawn-out cliffhanger here–I liked this selection more than the Bow Street Weller Full Proof selection. Obviously this means very little as they are single barrel products and who knows what the barrels sampled in each selection tasted like. Of course it only stands to reason that the retailer making the selection took the barrel that they thought was the best in the lineup given to them; however, in the case of these two selections, I like Damon’s Beverage better than Bow Street Beverage. This particular Weller Full Proof drank well below it’s 57% ABV and did it with style. There was the classic Buffalo Trace layer of dark cherry in this pour, but I also really thought this was reminiscent of an Elijah Craig Barrel Proof in some ways. The richer vanilla and oak spice really played well here and I think this was a great selection.

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