Single Barrel Snapshot

Today’s Single Barrel Snapshot comes in the form of a Whistlepig selection done by the guys over a the Bourbon Pursuit Podcast.  Ryan, Kenny, and a panel including Tony (Owner of Keg n Bottle) sipped through three samples of Whistlepig 10 year that actually included 16 and 17 year old stock.  Spoiler: they took all three samples and bottled them as the “three little pigs”.  Today’s pig is dubbed “Kenny” and is a 16 year Alberta rye that clocks in at 111.9 proof.  Check out the selection video below if you’d like.  I’m going to dig into this whiskey!


Whistlepig Rye


16 Year




Bottle Count N/A


Bourbon Pursuit


Like most of my Single Barrel Snapshot posts, I am going to compare this to other single barrels as well as the standard shelf offering.  Whistlepig 10 year is a product I tend to enjoy a lot, especially when the single barrel selections creep up well into the teenage years.  Perhaps I should cover this briefly: when a product bears an age statement (like Whistlepig 10 Year) the age-statement dictates the minimum age of the bottle’s contents; however, there is no rule against the maximum age.  This means a “10 year” Whistlepig can be anything older than 10 years.  While the label will only indicate 10 years, a brand rep will usually have access to the inside baseball and share the exact information from each barrel sample.  Always ask for more information when doing a single barrel selection!

This one packs plenty of caramel into the sip, which really balances the rye spice in a great way.  These older Whistlepigs start leaning toward a bourbon profile in a lot of ways with the sweeter notes that additional time in the barrel brings along.  All in all this is noticeably more enjoyable than the standard Whistlepig 10 year and it represents the insane value in a great single barrel selection like this.  If you’re able to track down one of these picks that has rested longer than the minimum 10 years, do yourself a big favor and buy a couple bottles.

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