Single Barrel Snapshot

Today’s Single Barrel Snapshot is a selection done by my friend David Jennings.  You most likely know him already but, if you’re living under a rock, check out his blog and books to get caught up to speed on all things Wild Turkey.  For today, if you’re looking to learn a bit about Wilderness Trail Distillery, you can check the Weekly Whiskey video below where we interview Dr. Pat Heist, that man’s a genius when it comes to fermentation!  As for me?  I’ll be sipping this rye.


Wilderness Trail Rye


4 Years 5 Months






Rare Bird 101


As always, in the Single Barrel Snapshot posts, I am going to compare this to other single barrels as well as the standard shelfie…shelfer?  Whatever’s funnier.  Historically, I haven’t been impressed with Wilderness Trail bourbons, but their rye whiskeys are 100% right up my alley.  Perhaps it’s the lower barrel entry proof, perhaps it’s the proprietary yeast strains Dr. Pat has cooked up, or perhaps it’s just the fact that I’m a sucker for barrel proof rye with plenty of flavor.  Whatever it is, there’s zero doubt in my mind that Wilderness Trail’s rye has got it goin on!

This pick was dubbed Krispy Kreme for a particular note that Rare Bird 101 scribed as a “doughy funk”.  That sounded cool as hell to me, so I scored a bottle to try.  I figured I’d share it with you today.

On the nose I get a big bright rye character with a heavy vanilla backing to it.  Sipping it I’m immediately shocked at the combination of Boston cream donut filling, vanilla pudding, and crème brûlée sweetness.  This holds on through the palate until, finally, the finish comes around to a kick of baking spice with a dash of oak.  I’ve sampled perhaps nearly a dozen Wilderness Trail ryes at this point (donut pun not intended) and honestly think this is the most unique of the bunch.  Very cool, totally tasty, and well worth the price of entry.  I’m at the point where I’d buy any Wilderness Trail Rye single barrel sight-unseen, and this one dials up the flavor volume to eleven.  I dig this one, and can’t wait for the next!

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