5 Bottles of Bourbon You Need!

For this week’s dose of Weekly Whiskey John & Jay share a curated list of bottles of bourbon you need. There are items on the list for folks new to bourbon and want to improve as a bourbon taster, and items on there for the grizzled veteran who is tired of waiting in lines for hours for a chance at an allocated bottle. Tune in, check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments section. Cheers!


John H.




September 1st, 2022

Future Episodes, Teasers, Spoilers, and more…

In selecting well over a hundred barrels a year, there’s just no way to record, edit, and post them all to YouTube; however, Jay and I are going to make an effort to bring more selections to Weekly Whiskey to help spread the word about single barrels and shine some light on how you can join the biggest single barrel group in the world.

If you’re interested in expanding your bourbon journey with some knowledge from myself and Jay, head over to our YouTube channel and take a peek at the Whiskey Education Series Playlist we’ve put together. We discuss tasting technique, glassware (and why it matters), and even some pitfalls to avoid in your whiskey buying.

Additionally, if you’d like to support Weekly Whiskey and what we’re doing, you can find us on Patreon.

Thanks for checking out our Weekly Whiskey segment. If you have ideas for future guests or content you’d like to see, please email us!

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