Weekly Whiskey:  Blending the Future with Penelope Bourbon

For this week’s dose of Weekly Whiskey Jay and I catch up with Mike Paladini and Danny Polise from Penelope Bourbon.  We discuss our previous adventure in crafting the r/bourbon barrel strength blend, and dive into what may be coming down the line.  Spoiler: another private select from Penelope is in the works!  Check it out in the video below.


John H.




February 2nd, 2021

Episode features

  • Single barrel updates
  • Catching up with Penelope Bourbon
  • Spoilers and looking ahead at future private selections
  • Penelope will be bringing a combination of toast and char finishes in 2021

Future Episodes, Teasers, Spoilers, and more…

Did you check out the “Maize Monday” event Jay hosted for the Reddit community r/mellowcorn?  This was a fun stream where they discussed Mellow Corn single barrel and more.  Hit the play button to see how corny things got.

Thanks for checking out our Weekly Whiskey segment.  If you have ideas for future guests or content you’d like to see, please email us!

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