Weekly Whiskey:  Aaron Chepenik from Smokewagon Bourbon

For this week’s dose of Weekly Whiskey Jay and I interview Aaron Chepenik, Founder and Co-Owner of Nevada H&C Distilling Co. and mastermind behind the bourbon brand that has exploded in popularity in recent years.  Aaron gives us an entertaining and candid account of not only the brand’s conception, but also his blending processes and what it takes to create the batches of whiskey that have brought Smokewagon into the spotlight.


John H.




January 7th, 2021

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Did you catch our New Year episode with Kenny & Ryan from the Bourbon Pursuit Podcast?  The guys sat down with us for an episode of Weekly Whiskey to discuss the brand new product they are launching under their Pursuit Spirits brand: Pursuit United.  I reviewed Pursuit United here, but it was also fun to be the first media outlet to host Kenny & Ryan and hear the story of their year long process to create their first small batch bourbon release.  If you’re looking for Pursuit United, this first release will be available via Seelbach’s until sold out.

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