New Riff Bourbon “Purple Riff” via Bourbon For The Masses

New Riff has been absolutely smashing it on the American whiskey scene as far as I’m concerned. From their iconic Balboa Rye, to their more experimental Winter Whiskey, the quality and flavor in their products is truly outstanding. Today’s Single Barrel Snapshot comes as a barrel proof private selection done by a tasting panel from the Bourbon For The Masses community. They’ve named the pick “Purple Riff”. Let’s dig in and see what in the hell a Purple Riff tastes like.


New Riff Bourbon


4y 5m


52.3% ABV




Bourbon For The Masses


This falls in line with most New Riff Single Barrel offerings, although it drinks incredibly easy. I’d go so far as to call this a guzzler. While it’s clocking in at 104.6 proof it doesn’t bring any ethanol to the nose or palate, and shows off a lot of very ice cream shop style vibes: creamy vanilla and a caramel drizzle being the most prominent. While not the most complex pour by any means, this New Riff selection is really tasty and the good stuff is dialed up a notch here. It presents itself with a fuller oak structure than I’d have imagined for being under four and a half years, and this brings along with it just a hint of mocha. Further proof that New Riff is absolutely killing it out here in the bourbon world. Good selection, good price, thumbs up.

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